2021 4x4 Driver Training


 Halfway Toyota Accredited Driver Training Program is a 4x4 Driver Training Program that is run strictly according to SAQA's (South African Qualifications Authority) unit standard 254135 & 254154. The unit standard and the Accredited Training Program is a Nationwide program controlled by TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority).
The Accredited Training is a two day course running from 08h00 to 17h00 each day. Day one covers a morning theory session which is then followed by an afternoon of practical driving and recovery. Day two is a quick recap of day one followed by driver assessment covering day one. Driver assessment includes a written test, structured interview and practical observation.
The unit standard has been put together by a group of 4x4 role players throughout the country and thereafter into a 4x4 Driver Training Course format set by SAQA.

On behalf of Halfway Toyota, we would like to invite you to join us for 4x4 Driver Training.

* Covid Protocols to be practised on the weekend *


Halfway Toyota Fourways

9th January 2021

14th February 2021

13th March 2021

2nd and 22nd May 2021

27th June 2021

11th July 2021

15th August 2021

11th September 2021

24th October 2021

20th November 2021

There is limited space so contact us today to book your place.


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