Packing for the holiday…

It’s that time of the year: every supermarket and shop is done up with tinsel and decorations, and everyone is running a special on the food and gifts you need to buy to make the holidays unforgettable. Whether you love Christmas season or hate it, chances are that you are going away for a while, and you will have things to pack.
I have had more than my share of road trips where I remember things that I had forgotten at home halfway there, and had to spend some of my entertainment budget toward having to re-purchase things that I already own. Whether that was a toothbrush, socks, pillows or a charger, forgetting things can really spoil the fun and be a big time waster if you are not vacationing close to shops.
We have compiled a free printable packing checklist for you, to help you remember the essentials, so that you can spend your time off focussing on the important things. The only thing that could possibly spoil your holiday more than forgetting something at home, is having car trouble due to not maintaining your vehicle properly. Remember to have your vehicle serviced before you go on holiday, to make sure that you are ready for the road!